Thursday, May 21, 2020

Kids and Scissors

This is my 1961 Maruya (JCM 57a) card of Sadaharu Oh.  Its a pretty scarce card from early in his career.  It has a book value of $450.

One of the downsides of menko is that their condition today is highly dependent on the skill level of a 7 year old kid with scissors 60 years ago.  The sheet my Oh was on fell into the hands of a kid with very very low scissors skills.  So low that it is hard to figure - this must have been done by a 4 year old who hadn't yet developed the hand-eye coordination thing.

The downside is that my Oh card is kind of ridiculously miscut.  The upside is that this is my Oh card. If it was cut correctly I probably wouldn't have bought it, but with this cutting I picked it up for almost nothing :)