Monday, September 28, 2020

Some more 1997 Calbees


I picked up 15 singles from the 1997 Calbee set this week.  Nobody particularly exciting, the whole  lot only cost me about 4$, but they were all cards I needed for the set.  

These get me to 202 out of 237, just 35 to go.  Unfortunately 19 of those are from the rare high number series, but I'm very close to finished with the low numbers.  

Thus far my Calbee collection has been mainly focused on cards from the 70s and 80s, as well as the obligatory purchase of contemporary sets as they come out each year. This has left the 90s as the decade with the biggest holes in my collection.  I am pretty close to finished with the 1999 Calbee set, which is by far the easiest to complete.  I also have a decent start on the 1998 set, which is also fairly easy to do.  And the 1995 Choco Snack set I  was lucky enough to pick up as a set a year and a half ago ( in retrospect that was an incredible deal, prices on those have gone up a lot since then and there is no way I could replicate that find today).

But most of the other sets from that decade (particularly the 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1996 sets) I only have a smattering of cards each for.  Except for 1991 those are really hard sets to find cards for.  The  1994 and 1996 sets in particular have fewer than 100 listings each on Yahoo Auctions right now, indicating how rare they are.  Once I've finished the 1997s I might move on to one of them, but for now those years don't really exist in "set" form in my collection yet.  


  1. These were issued in bags of chips, right? Wonder why the high numbers are rare? I am a set collector by heart so it warms me to see these sets getting close to completion.

    1. Thanks, us set collectors gotta stick together :)

      I think its actually pretty common for the highest series in a lot of Calbee sets to be rarer, and I think that even applies to current sets. Its because they release the high series right at the end of the season when interest in baseball is waning. I notice this in stores. When Series 1 comes out in the Spring, you can find them in every grocery store and convenience store. Usually its the same with Series 2, though sometimes one or two shops won't stock them. But then with Series 3 its noticable that most shops which stocked the earlier series don't sell them, especially convenience stores.

    2. Interesting. Makes for a fun chase.