Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tough day for Cancer

Its been a pretty lousy 24 hours in cancer related news around here.  Sachio Kinugasa, Japan's Iron Man who played 2215 consecutive games died yesterday of colon cancer.  He is one of my favorite players from the 70s so its quite sad to see him go.

I wasn't going to blog about this, but on a personal note my cousin's daughter also died of cancer yesterday, probably within hours of Kinugasa.  The doctors found a tumor in her brain about 4 years ago.  She went through chemo and surgery and they thought they had gotten it all, but it came back late last year and spread quickly.  They couldn't do anything for her and she died peacefully at home surrounded by family.  She was just 7 years old and the world is a much lesser place without her smiling face in it.

So if you have loved ones out there, go give them a hug and appreciate the time you have.

I'll return to regular baseball card posting that doesn't include stories of devastating loss from tomorrow!


  1. Sorry for the loss. That sucks all around. Much too young....