Monday, April 16, 2018

JMC 1 Mr. Baseball NST Cards

I just picked up a lot of cards from the 1975 NST Mr. Baseball set.  This is another one of my forays into oddball sets from the 70s, which I absolutely love.

According to Dave these were part of a 288 card set in honor of Shigeo Nagashima, who had retired a couple years earlier.  I got 14 of the cards, all pictured above.  The cards are about the same size (though a bit narrower) as Calbee cards of the era.  The backs are blank so they are basically just little photo cards with white borders.  They aren't as appealing as the Calbees of the era, at least to me, but they are still kind of neat.  Being blank backed a full set must be a real chore to put together so I think I'll avoid trying that monster for now!


  1. If they're blank-backed then what you have are the thicker parallel version of the cards. The normal cards are actually stickers that are meant to be pasted into an album. The stickers have a number on the back that indicate where they go in the album.

    Yomiuri did spring training in Vero Beach in 1975. I'd be willing to bet that the photo on left most card in the bottom row was taken there.

  2. Ah, that makes sense! I was wondering why some had blank backs while others didn't (of the ones I've seen on the internet and in your blog post).

    I had that same thought about Vero Beach - there are some Calbee cards which also feature them training there and it looks very similar.

  3. Are you interested in a complete album of 1975 NST Mr. Baseball? Semd me pm to

    Fran from Valencia, Spain