Sunday, April 13, 2014

I`m just so annoyed with myself right now

I bought a bag of Calbee Yakyu chips at a 7-11 to have after lunch today.  The chips were fine and I was really happy to find that both of the cards, a checklist featuring Kaneko and Morino`s regular card, were ones that I didn`t have yet.

As I was out at the time I had limited options for carrying the cards and just absent mindedly slid them into the breast pocket of the shirt I was wearing.

Fast forward to tonight and as I am retrieving a load of laundry from the machine out pop the two new additions to my 2014 Calbee first series set.  Or at least what was left of them.


Turns out the glossy fronts of Calbee cards are pretty sturdy and can actually survive going through a laundry machine.  The backs of the cards on the other hand were reduced to an annoying veneer of lint sticking to various articles of clothing.

Anyway, I have hastily re-added these two to my 2014 want list.

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