Monday, May 5, 2014

In the Photo Studio (Seibu Lions Dugout) with: Hisanobu Watanabe

 Alright Watanabe, give us a smile.  Great, that is a money shot!!  OK now show us something a bit more serious, your best guts pose.  3....2....1...and GO!
Uhm.....not quite.  What?  Oh you were just kidding! Good one, Watanabe, ha.

OK, serious this time, these pictures are going to go on your official Calbee baseball cards.  So lets see that Yamato Damashii!


Seriously, I have 3 other Seibu Lions players to photograph for this set and then like 70 Kyojin players to do.  The next photo is going to be the one on your card.  You can give me that New Kids on the Block-Audition-Glossy look or you can give me a look that tells everyone you are a serious player who inspires terror in opponents on the field. Whatever.  Its going on the card.  3...2...1....

OK we`re done here.

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