Thursday, June 26, 2014

2014 Calbee Fist Series: Completed!!!!

 This is the first time I have ever done it, I am proud to report.  I have succesfully completed the 1st series of 2014 Calbees!  Well, everything except the star cards, which I still need a few of.  Still, pretty neat, eh?
 I`d like to say that I did this bag by bag, but I have to admit to cheating on this one.  There was a pretty big lot of 2014 Calbees that I snared on Yahoo Auctions last week which, in fact, contained almost the whole set by itself.  With the cards I already had from buying bags I was able to fill in the holes and complete it though!
I was actually kind of surprised that I won the lot for only 600 yen plus shipping, given that there were 80 cards in it, which represented about 4,000 yen worth of chips.  There weren`t any star cards in the lot, which is why I still a need a few of those. I`m not hugely into the star cards anyway so I don`t really mind.

I love the way Calbee cards look when you fan them out.  One design change which they have made in recent years is to make the color on the backs of the regular cards specific to each team, so they look kind of cool when you fan them out as in the above photo.

Series 2 has also been officially released but as with last year, I have yet to find any bags in stores, most of which in my area are still stocking series 1.  Hopefully I will start to see them soon and maybe 2014 will mark the first year that I have ever completed an entire series of Calbee!


  1. Congratulations! I need to go ahead and get the rest of the singles to finish my set, including the Starcards. Did you see my trade post? I might have some Starcards you need and you might have something I need...

    I haven't seen Series 2 either - the local Mega Donki didn't have Series 1 or Series 2. I gotta go check again tomorrow night.

  2. Thanks! I had a look at your want list. If I understand correctly, you have 80 of the base set (meaning you need 5 more)? I have doubles of most of the subset cards (except the star cards) on your list too.

    I am also working on Calbee sets from previous years if you have any doubles of those, I`ll put together a comprehensive want list and we should try to work out a trade!

  3. Thanks!

    I`m still looking for the series 2 bags. Dropped into 7-11 last night and they still had series 1 out.

  4. I am missing a bunch of cards, actually. Right now: 9, 12, 14, 15, 19, 32, 33, 38, 42, 47, 49, 50, 56, 61, 66, 70, 75, 76, 77, Checklist C-1, and Star Cards 1, 2, 12, 19, 24. Let me know what you have to trade. (Check this page for my have list, including a few Star Cards: )

    I just found Series 2 at my grocery store, and promptly bought all 18 bags on the shelf. Let the next round begin!

  5. Awesome, I have a few of those! I`ll dig out my doubles this weekend and get a list together of what i have and what I need.

    I also found my first Series 2 bag at a convenience store yesterday. I only bought the one bag (gonna pace myself), I got a Balentian star card and Matsuda`s regular card, which I thought was a good haul!