Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Third Guy From the Right

Card #360 in the 1975-76 Calbee set is an interesting one.  It is from the pink (fuschia?) series in the set whose design is a bit evocative of 1975 Topps.

There are a lot of regular player cards in this series but also a few special multi-player cards.  Looking at the picture you would think this was one of the multi-player cards, but its actually the regular card of Fighters first baseman Yoshito Oda.

The text on the bottom of the card says "Oda Yoshito  Infielder", which is standard enough.  Then in parentheses below that it says "Third Guy From Right".

This must be unique in baseball card history - a regular card where it is so hard to tell where the player depicted is on the card that they literally have to tell you in writing where to find him.  I wonder why they chose this photo to appear on his card.  They must have had limited options, he isn't even looking in the direction of the camera, while the guy next to him is (not sure who that is, but this might have worked better as the photo for his card).  


  1. Haha, I have no words. Darn Calbee interns.....Thanks for sharing!

  2. I feel like Topps gets closer and closer to this every year with their "celebration" shots on base player cards. Love those pink borders though!

    1. Yeah there are some Topps cards where it is really confusing. 1971 Topps Bud Harrelson is one worth looking up!

  3. I really like this card. #8 is Toru Shibuya.

    I think this photo is from the open-sen game where the team introduces their new players. Shibuya had just come to the Fighters from the Carp while Oda and Junzo Uchida (#7) had come from the Swallows. #3 is new import player Garry Jestadt and #'s 50 & 54 appear to be first year players although I'm not sure of their names (I'm getting all this from a Japanese numerical roster site).

    I went to an open-sen game at Seibu Dome a few years back and they had a pre-game ceremony where the Lions introduced all the new players for the team. I think it was the first game the Lions had played at home that season. So I'm guessing that this is a traditional thing for NPB teams.

  4. Oh good call about the open-sen (and player identification)!

    I go to some of the Dragons Open-sen games, partly because the tickets are cheap. I might take one in next month too....can't wait to see them kick off another season of losing....;)

  5. Great card, awesome blog! Trying to get current Japanese baseball team pocket schedules. Any advise how I can get some?
    Thank you, Bill