Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Error Bag Has been Corrected


As detailed in my previous post error card mania has hit Japan due to Hiromi Ito's Calbee card listing him at 176 metres in height (roughly half the height of the Empire State Building for American readers still using the ancient imperial measurement system).  

A bit less attention has been paid to Calbee's other error, which was on its bags of chips.  On the back it explains the Lucky Card promotion in a green box on the upper left corner.  They made a mistake in the spelling of "Lucky" in katakana.  It should say ラッキー but instead they wrote ラッキ.  

They corrected the error on the bags and since about a week ago bags with the correct spelling started showing up on store shelves.  In the above photo I've put both versions (with the error circled in blue, the bag in the foreground is the corrected version).

What I'm curious about is if the corrected bags also contain corrected copies of the Ito card or not.  Frustratingly I've only been able to buy a few bags of the new ones since they have been selling pretty well and most stores sell out shortly after getting them in. I haven't pulled an Ito card from the new bags so I'm not sure.  Looking at Yahoo Auctions listings there are a huge number of the error cards still listed for ridiculous prices (one would think the sheer number of them available would be a signal to collectors that these are not particularly rare, yet they seem to still be attracting bids) but no sign of any corrected version yet.  This might however just be because nobody has bothered to put copies of the corrected versions up since presumably they are just common cards though.  I'm not sure.

Anyway, I've decided to keep a single error bag in unopened condition (cards and chips both included) just as a memento!


  1. Very cool. Can't recall ever hearing about a card related packaging error that was eventually corrected. It'd be cool to keep an example of each as part of the collection.

    1. I am curious if there have been card packaging errors (that were corrected) in the past, I'm not familiar with any but it would be kind of neat.