Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Most Unfortunate Romanization of a Player`s Name Ever

 I know this is totally immature and I don`t want to sink the level of this blog too low so I apologize for this post in advance, but Bum-Ho Lee has to be the one name above all that will make 8 year old kids giggle just on sight. 
Lee only played in Japan for a grand total of 48 games with the Hawks back in 2010 in which he hit a mediocre .226. I was living in Fukuoka in 2010 and followed the Hawks pretty closely but for some reason I don't have much memory of him that season.  He was a pretty decent power hitter in Korean baseball though, being a former all star and member of the powerful national team that made a run at the title in the 2009 WBC. 

Sadly though to me he will always be the guy whose name should always be romanized in last-name first order as the tactful editors of his English Wikipedia entry chose to do and NOT in the way it is on his 2010 BBM card which just....well, if you are a native English speaker I suppose it is self explanatory.

The trouble he must go through in restaurants in North America when they call his name....  "LEE, my last name is pronounced LEE!"

Again, my apologies for this post.

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